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Benefits that accrue to users of grounding shoes

Do you remember the last time you took a walk without any footwear on? Some of us don’t like to walk barefooted especially on the earth. This is because they associate the bare earth with dirt and infections. They tend to wear shoes all the time when going out and avoid the ground at all costs. However, they don’t know what they are losing.

For those of you who took science seriously, and then you already know that there exist both positive and negative ions. You will also be in a position to understand the fact that our bodies have numerous positive ions that area impaired (free radicals) which we pick in our day to day life. Such ions (free radicals) are linked with aging, inflammation, and diseases and the best thing is that you can shed them off through the healing powers of the earth.



What happens?

These ions can be put to a state of balance naturally through a process of grounding. Grounding which is also referred to as earthing takes you back to the neutral balanced state every time you touch the earth with a barefoot. At such a time, the positive ions will be neutralized (discharged) by the negative ions that naturally rush into your body from the surface of the earth.

Since it is not possible for many of us to walk without wearing shoes almost always, the modern technology has helped to come up with shoes that can serve the same purpose. The grounding shoes are now available for the purpose of getting rid of the free radicals present in your body.

There are numerous benefits linked with the earthing shoes (another name for the grounding shoes) as seen below.

Improved cardiovascular health

Studies have suggested that wearing grounding shoes helps get rid of the free radicals from your body and consequently reducing the risk of acquiring heart attacks and cardiovascular diseases. This process, in fact, thins your blood thus reducing inflammation; something that enhances your blood pressure and flow.

Less Depression, Anxiety and Stress

It is now certain that putting on grounding shoes can enhance your heart rate variability that may lead to reduced depression, anxiety and stress. This also comes with cardiovascular benefits such as the ones mentioned above. Reduced depression, anxiety, and stress could translate to fewer headaches. Besides it can help you recover from the deadly adrenal fatigue since, as you already know, stress is one of the factors that can lead adrenaline fatigue.

Better Sleep

It is always said that getting a good night sleep is the only way of enjoying a simple life. Another advantage of utilizing grounding shoes is that you will sleep better. This is due to the fact that grounding reduces cortisol levels translating to sleep better. Remember that you can also obtain higher energy levels during the day something that also leads to better sleep.

Visiting Myanmar: Exploring Their Tourism


Myanmar is one tourist destination that you must not miss when visiting Burma. Its tourism boosted since 2012, with expectant visitors targeted to reach 7.5 million by 2020. This can never be realized without the effort exerted by its government and private sectors. In 2010 alone, Myanmar has catered to 295,174 foreign visitors. The number of tourists increased to 2.04 million by 2013 and this never failed to rise up to these days especially with the Myanmar Tour Packages offered by travel agencies.

Tourism in Myanmar helped in sustaining the financial needs of its civilians. These also open doors to its neighboring countries to discover this wonderful paradise.

To their pro-democracy citizens, small scale and responsible tourism offers more good than harm. To them, as long as tourists do their part in maximizing tourism benefits and limiting negative effects, tourism will turn out beneficial for all. It does not only bring money to their place but also introduce their land to other parts of the world.

myanmar travel tips

In case you still don’t know, Myanmar is known for its religious relics and stylish Golden Pagoda architectures. Its tourists are mesmerized by its splendid Golden Mountain Kyaikhtiy and the Inle Lake scenery, Ngapali Beach and many more.

Myanmar can be reached by plane or by bus. Travel by night can be very cold so you need to bring your sweater along. You can take a cab when traveling within the city. Bike is discouraged due to presence of railway system and poor quality roads. The most reputable tourist destination in Myanmar is Mandalay. This is the next biggest city after Yangon. Here, you can find the wooden monastery Shwenandaw. And if you want to see the largest book, you can visit Kuthodaw Pagoda. Witness the golden Buddha Statue in Mahamuni pagoda and the longest wooden bridge; U-Bein Bridge. So explore Myanmar and take advantage of its tourism offered. Just check http://myanmarprivateholidays.com to know where to start.

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Perfecting Your Head Shot Photography


These days, head shots are essential especially when used for social media presence, entrepreneur’s media kit or venture capital presentation. The way on how this is done draws the line between being accepted or rejected from the job one is applying to.


It takes more than just clicking the camera to come up with a perfect photo. It is the responsibility of the photographer to make the subject feel relax so the image that will be captured will come out naturally. It results to best poses and allows the artist to emphasize the best features of one’s subject.

Here are some few suggestions on how to come up with the best head shots:


Use the right equipment


If you are aiming for a headshot, use a lens with big aperture. And the good news is, even smartphones have this feature. If you don’t have it, you may opt to employ an in-camera filter for replacement. You may be tempted to use a wide angle lens instead. Well, this is a big no-no when it comes to headshot photography. This type of equipment is meant for artistic or dramatic style photo; otherwise, your picture will come out unrealistic. This is because it will come up with amplified imperfections of the subject, making it look like a caricature.


Choose the right background


One way of giving life to your picture is to choose a background with nice designs instead of choosing one with empty details. An empty background will only make the photo look like passport picture and dull. Don’t use the one that comes with an isolated element as well which can be clearly seen. Just make sure to choose the one that will give life to your head shot, without leading the attention of the viewer away from it. You need to make sure the subject is well emphasized. If the picture is taken on a crowded area, blur the background employing a telephoto lens. Just remember that the background gives context to the photo so make sure that it serves its purpose right.


But a good photographer knows the abovementioned principle by heart. When looking for the best Los Angeles Headshot Photographer, check out Keren Ben Ami Photography and expect to see the best in you.

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